This project was approved on December 5, 2018. Wininger Construction is the builder/developer of the project. Homeowners who have questions or concerns are encouraged to contact them at (812) 327-6000 or by email

Formal Packet for Commissioners Meeting about Parcel E on December 5, 2018

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Plan Commission Meeting Packet for September 18, 2018

Link to Packet:

Plan Commission Meeting Packet

Link to Minutes:

Plan Commission Minutes – August 21, 2018

Here are the public filings for Parcel E, north of Glasgow Cir.

1803-SPP-01_Highlands Parcel 'E' - Preliminary Plat Page 3
1803-SPP-01_Highlands Parcel 'E' - Preliminary Plat Page 2
1803-SPP-01_Highlands Parcel 'E' - Preliminary Plat Page 1

elevations 4plex ranch A4 feb14 (1)
Elevations A4
elevations dUPLEX A-3 feb26
7 plex apartment Elevations A4
18IN00363 Geotech Report
401808_Base-C603. Erosion Control Details (2)
401808_Base-0. Cover
401808_Base-C101. GenNotes
401808_Base-C201. Site
401808_Base-C301. Grading Utility Erosion
401808_Base-C302. Wickens P&P
401808_Base-C303. Rangeview P&P
401808_Base-C401. Landscape
401808_Base-C501. Misc. Details
401808_Base-C502. Utility Details
401808_Base-C503. Drainage Details
401808_Base-C601. Erosion Control Info.
401808_Base-C602. Erosion Control Details