Here you will find answers to many questions posed by homeowners over the years.


Q: Where is The Highlands located?

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Q: How much are the annual dues?
A: Each year the annual dues are set by the Board of Directors. For 2023, the dues are $104.50 and must be received by mid March each year.

Q: What are the dues used for?
A: Annual dues are used to:

  • Maintain common areas (i.e. lawn care)
  • Provide services to homeowners and the Board of Directors (property management, legal, financial, insurance, etc.)
  • Help build community through committee work
  • Fund other necessitated projects in our neighborhood

Q: Can I pay my dues using my debit card?
A: Yes. New for 2019 is an electronic payment option. Other payment options such as check, cashier’s check, or money order can be sent through the mail. Check, cash, money order, etc. can also be accepted in Tempo Properties’ office (our property management company).

Q: Where can I send my payment?
A: Please remit payment by check to:

Highlands Subdivision Homeowners Association
PO Box 1695
Bloomington, IN 47402

Q: How will I know if my payment was received?
A: The only way to confirm payments have been received is if the check clears your bank account.

Trees & Snow Removal

Q: Who do I contact with questions about trees or snow removal?

A: Monroe County Highway Department is responsible for trimming tree branches overhanging the street and if necessary, removal of dead trees between the street and sidewalk. The Monroe County Highway Maintenance Department number is 812-825-5355.


Q: What’s the speed limit in the Highlands?
A: The speed limit in the Highlands is 20 MPH. Many folks choose to drive faster, along with construction vehicles and vendors. For safety and quality of life in the neighborhood, remember to drive the posted speed limit.