Tree Information

Hello Homeowners,

Just wanted to update you with some information regarding some tree removal work being done.

We have had several homeowners report dead trees and limbs that were in danger of falling and could present a safety or damage hazard.

We verified the locations and determined that they were on HOA property, then had certified arborists assess the areas and determine what trees were a hazard.

We have authorized removal of the trees deemed hazardous. This is a proactive decision to mitigate risk of a tree or limb damaging property or injuring a person or animal.

We had planned to send out a notification when the work would begin, but due to their full schedule, amount of work, and the work being weather dependent, we did not have any lead time before they began.

Thank you.


New Property Management Update

Dear Highlands Homeowner, 

PMI Meridian Management has purchased Tempo Properties and will serve as your new management company as of December 1st, 2022. We look forward to serving your property management needs. We are dedicated to maintaining the community to ensure that your investment will remain secure now and in the future.

There are a few important changes that you will need to make, and those will be detailed in this letter. However, for the most part, all will remain the same! Alyssa Gilliland who has been with Tempo Properties for nearly 5 years will remain your Community Association Manager. You can reach Alyssa at (812) 336-2026 or

The two most important changes for you as a homeowner are: contact information and payment method. PMI Meridian management uses a property management software called CINC. CINC is similar to Appfolio, which those of you who had activated and utilized your online portals through Tempo are familiar with.

We have discontinued the use of Appfolio and we are transitioning to CINC. You will receive an email notice of deactivation from Appfolio. This is intentional. You will be able to create a CINC account using this link:

Registrations do require approval. Approval will be granted within 1-2 business days of registration. The account number is not a required field, please leave it blank. If you need to register more than one property, please reach out to for assistance. 

To pay your HOA dues, you can:

  1. Pay online by creating your owner portal using CINC at – all CINC payments (card or e-check) require a processing fee. 
  2. Mail check/money order to Highlands Subdivision, PO Box 1217, Arlington Heights, IL 600061217. Make checks payable to Highlands Subdivision HOA. Write your Highlands address in the memo.
  3. Request an ACH form from for automatic ACH payments. This is free. 
  4. Create automatic payments through your local bank. If you currently pay through your local bank, please alert them of the mailing address change: Highlands Subdivision, PO Box 1217, Arlington Heights, IL 60006-1217.
  5. Stop into our office located at 2593 W Fountain Dr Suite #3 and drop off your check or money order. 

We cannot accept payment over the phone. We also cannot accept cash or cards in our office.

If you are coming into our office to pay, please bring a check or a money order.

If you have already paid your 2023 HOA dues using Appfolio, or by sending payment to The Highlands PO Box, your payments have been applied to your CINC accounts! There is nothing for you to do.

If you have any questions, please email, call (812) 336-2026, or visit our website:  

Thank you, 

PMI Meridian Management

Bloomington Highlands Subdivision HOA

Fullerton Pike Extension

Anticipated Project Schedule, Phase III – Rockport Road to Rogers Street

Milestone Target Dates
Initial Public Information Meeting April 15, 2019
Preliminary Design May 2019 – March 2020
Final Public Information Meeting April 2020
Environmental Approval (AI) July 2020
Land Acquisition July 2021 – May 2022
Final Design Complete June 2022
Clearing & Staking of Right-of-Way October 2022
Utility Relocations November 2022 – July 2023
Bid Letting July 12, 2023
Road & Bridge Construction Sept 2023 – June 2025

Construction Update

Important CCR Update

Dear Homeowners,

The Highlands HOA Board finalized a prospective update to the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. These have not been reviewed since their original inception during the first development phase in 1999. Revisions are necessary to ensure our community is operating in line with updated Indiana HOA Laws, as well as remove outdated and inapplicable references. These documents also allow the HOA to serve its overall purpose of supporting the community and residents while also working to maintain property values for homeowners.

We continue to need YOUR participation and approval to adopt the updates, as 75% of homeowners must consent to the revisions in order to allow the necessary updates to become effective. We have noted highlights of the changes below for your quick reference, and a full copy of the prospective document is available on the website for your review. You may also request an emailed or physical copy be provided to you by contacting the Board of Directors via email, or through Tempo Properties, 812-336-2026.

The HOA Board has extended the voting for the updated CCR document. We believe it is in the best interest of the HOA that this document is updated to meet current legal statutes.

Please complete your form (if you have yet to do so) and send to Tempo Properties. Instructions are on the voting form.

Please follow the link here for a printable PDF version of the voting form.

Existing CCRs can be found here:

Proposed CCRs can be found here:

Thank you for your dedication to improving our neighborhood and for taking the time to complete the voting form.


The HOA Board of Directors

THIS IS A SIMPLIFIED DOCUMENT OF THE PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE CCR DOCUMENT. This is not the full legal wording of these regulations, and homeowners are responsible for viewing the full document themselves which can be found on the HOA website. We understand that the wording of this document is lengthy and often times, confusing. The aim of this is to ease the burden of interpreting the changes that were made.

CategoryExisting & Active CCR DocumentProposed CCR DocumentHOA Board Clarification
Leasing and RentalsNO existing restrictions. This is the only entirely new section added.Section 11.1- Implements a rental cap of 10% of lots in the neighborhood. The aim is to eliminate the ability for large rental companies to buy and rent a high proportion of homes in the neighborhood, ultimately giving them the ability to take control of the HOA and possibly raise dues. This does not apply to rentals among family members
Sign LimitationsSection 6.19 -Only for sale signs allowed on lots. Section 6.17- Edited to include political signs during the election season.Decorative garden flags or ornamental garden decoration don’t count toward these limitations.
AnimalsSection 6.4- No more than 2 household pets allowed per lot. No farm animals.Section 6.2-No limit on number of pets. Pet owners must abide by all applicable local animal ordinances. No farm animals.Inclusion of county ordinances includes responsibly picking up after pets, keeping animals on a leash when off property, and ensuring animals have food, shelter, and water at all times. 
Yard LightsSection 6.25- All lots must have two functioning carriage garage lights in working order with automatic dawn/dusk sensors.Section 6.21- Lots must have either carriage garage lights and/or a front lamppost in working order with automatic dawn/dusk sensors.This change allows homeowners the option to have exterior carriage lights on the garage, or a single lamppost in the yard. We do not have street lights in this neighborhood, so consistent lighting is necessary to keep our properties safe. 
MailboxesSection 6.24 – Mailboxes should all be uniform in type and color.Section 6.20- Mailboxes should be wooden posts with black mailboxes. Existing mailboxes not fitting this description will be exempt, assuming they are well maintained/visually appealing. New mailboxes shall abide by this rule.
Unsightly GrowthSection 6.16 – No weeds, underbrush or other unsightly growth shall be permitted to grow or remain upon any property.Section 6.14- No weeds, underbrush or other unsightly growth shall be permitted to grow or remain upon any property.The main point is that yards must be maintained. This refers to excessive growth. We aim to keep homes visually pleasing, while eliminating health hazards such as insects, rodents, and pollens that come from overgrowth.
Swimming PoolsSection 6.23- Above ground swimming pools are prohibited on the Property.Section 6.19- Above ground and in-ground swimming pools are prohibited on properties.Above ground pools are already prohibited. This clarifies that in-ground pools are as well, seeing that most properties could not easily support an in-ground pool. This does exclude small kiddie and doggie pools which are temporary and not large enough to need filtration. Small pools should not leave standing water, causing health hazards.

HOA Survey Update

The Board has contracted with Bynum-Fanyo to conduct a survey of some areas in our community. This includes the neighborhood trail and adjacent/abutting lot property lines; several HOA common areas; and a few other sections. The survey will provide clarification of property lines and address several questions/issues that have arisen over the past couple of years and have been unable to be determined using current maps and resources.

If you see personnel out measuring and marking during this process they are permitted and please do not be alarmed. In addition, please DO NOT move or remove the temporary markers they will be placing. This process may be ongoing over several weeks.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to email which will be most efficient way to express your concerns.

Thank you!

Highlands HOA Board

Thank You from The Fire Families of South Wickens Street

Certainly a very scary and awful event happened on Monday September 21st.
However, from that tragedy we found out what an amazing community we live in.  Our neighbors ran in to help in so many ways from the moment the fire was noticed and continued in the days following.
The Highlands Subdivision really pulled together to support us and we appreciate it so much.
The greater community of Bloomington also jumped in and helped with donations of goods and services.  It was very humbling to receive such gifts and to have so many people from all over express their sympathies and wish us well.
From the Fire Families of S. Wickens Street to all of you, THANK YOU!  

Sidewalk Extension Project

Check out the progress!

We would like to especially thank Daniel Butler from Bynum Fanyo and Tom
Wininger from Wininger Construction for working with the Bloomington
Highlands on this project, and a special thanks to Lisa Ridge and Jackie Nester
(among others) from the Monroe County Highway and Planning departments
for assisting us in this endeavor.

Entrance from Rockport Road
Connection to Clear Creak Trail
Connection to Existing Sidewalk

Community Trail and Common Area Access Information

The Highlands Subdivision Homeowners Association is asking that you please be respectful of our common areas and homeowner’s property when using our trails.  We have posted signs to help mark property lines and invite you to view the neighborhood map link on our home page.

Please note that Common Areas / Lots listed as 450 and 451 on the map are not contracted to be mowed by the HOA because of inability to safely access.

Junction of the HOA Path with Clear Creek Trail

(As seen from Clear Creek Trail)

HOA Trail Junction with Clear Creek Trail

View of Path to Access Boiling Farm Field Along Creek Creek Trail (This path has no outlet, dead end)



View of Wooded Area Behind Homes Along W. Hennessey (Lots 247-253 and Common Area 450 per Neighborhood Map)