Dear Highlands Homeowner, 

PMI Meridian Management has purchased Tempo Properties and will serve as your new management company as of December 1st, 2022. We look forward to serving your property management needs. We are dedicated to maintaining the community to ensure that your investment will remain secure now and in the future.

There are a few important changes that you will need to make, and those will be detailed in this letter. However, for the most part, all will remain the same! Alyssa Gilliland who has been with Tempo Properties for nearly 5 years will remain your Community Association Manager. You can reach Alyssa at (812) 336-2026 or

The two most important changes for you as a homeowner are: contact information and payment method. PMI Meridian management uses a property management software called CINC. CINC is similar to Appfolio, which those of you who had activated and utilized your online portals through Tempo are familiar with.

We have discontinued the use of Appfolio and we are transitioning to CINC. You will receive an email notice of deactivation from Appfolio. This is intentional. You will be able to create a CINC account using this link:

Registrations do require approval. Approval will be granted within 1-2 business days of registration. The account number is not a required field, please leave it blank. If you need to register more than one property, please reach out to for assistance. 

To pay your HOA dues, you can:

  1. Pay online by creating your owner portal using CINC at – all CINC payments (card or e-check) require a processing fee. 
  2. Mail check/money order to Highlands Subdivision, PO Box 1217, Arlington Heights, IL 600061217. Make checks payable to Highlands Subdivision HOA. Write your Highlands address in the memo.
  3. Request an ACH form from for automatic ACH payments. This is free. 
  4. Create automatic payments through your local bank. If you currently pay through your local bank, please alert them of the mailing address change: Highlands Subdivision, PO Box 1217, Arlington Heights, IL 60006-1217.
  5. Stop into our office located at 2593 W Fountain Dr Suite #3 and drop off your check or money order. 

We cannot accept payment over the phone. We also cannot accept cash or cards in our office.

If you are coming into our office to pay, please bring a check or a money order.

If you have already paid your 2023 HOA dues using Appfolio, or by sending payment to The Highlands PO Box, your payments have been applied to your CINC accounts! There is nothing for you to do.

If you have any questions, please email, call (812) 336-2026, or visit our website:  

Thank you, 

PMI Meridian Management

Bloomington Highlands Subdivision HOA