Dear Homeowners,

The Highlands HOA Board finalized a prospective update to the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. These have not been reviewed since their original inception during the first development phase in 1999. Revisions are necessary to ensure our community is operating in line with updated Indiana HOA Laws, as well as remove outdated and inapplicable references. These documents also allow the HOA to serve its overall purpose of supporting the community and residents while also working to maintain property values for homeowners.

We continue to need YOUR participation and approval to adopt the updates, as 75% of homeowners must consent to the revisions in order to allow the necessary updates to become effective. We have noted highlights of the changes below for your quick reference, and a full copy of the prospective document is available on the website for your review. You may also request an emailed or physical copy be provided to you by contacting the Board of Directors via email, or through Tempo Properties, 812-336-2026.

The HOA Board has extended the voting for the updated CCR document. We believe it is in the best interest of the HOA that this document is updated to meet current legal statutes.

Please complete your form (if you have yet to do so) and send to Tempo Properties. Instructions are on the voting form.

Please follow the link here for a printable PDF version of the voting form.

Existing CCRs can be found here:

Proposed CCRs can be found here:

Thank you for your dedication to improving our neighborhood and for taking the time to complete the voting form.


The HOA Board of Directors

THIS IS A SIMPLIFIED DOCUMENT OF THE PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE CCR DOCUMENT. This is not the full legal wording of these regulations, and homeowners are responsible for viewing the full document themselves which can be found on the HOA website. We understand that the wording of this document is lengthy and often times, confusing. The aim of this is to ease the burden of interpreting the changes that were made.

CategoryExisting & Active CCR DocumentProposed CCR DocumentHOA Board Clarification
Leasing and RentalsNO existing restrictions. This is the only entirely new section added.Section 11.1- Implements a rental cap of 10% of lots in the neighborhood. The aim is to eliminate the ability for large rental companies to buy and rent a high proportion of homes in the neighborhood, ultimately giving them the ability to take control of the HOA and possibly raise dues. This does not apply to rentals among family members
Sign LimitationsSection 6.19 -Only for sale signs allowed on lots. Section 6.17- Edited to include political signs during the election season.Decorative garden flags or ornamental garden decoration don’t count toward these limitations.
AnimalsSection 6.4- No more than 2 household pets allowed per lot. No farm animals.Section 6.2-No limit on number of pets. Pet owners must abide by all applicable local animal ordinances. No farm animals.Inclusion of county ordinances includes responsibly picking up after pets, keeping animals on a leash when off property, and ensuring animals have food, shelter, and water at all times. 
Yard LightsSection 6.25- All lots must have two functioning carriage garage lights in working order with automatic dawn/dusk sensors.Section 6.21- Lots must have either carriage garage lights and/or a front lamppost in working order with automatic dawn/dusk sensors.This change allows homeowners the option to have exterior carriage lights on the garage, or a single lamppost in the yard. We do not have street lights in this neighborhood, so consistent lighting is necessary to keep our properties safe. 
MailboxesSection 6.24 – Mailboxes should all be uniform in type and color.Section 6.20- Mailboxes should be wooden posts with black mailboxes. Existing mailboxes not fitting this description will be exempt, assuming they are well maintained/visually appealing. New mailboxes shall abide by this rule.
Unsightly GrowthSection 6.16 – No weeds, underbrush or other unsightly growth shall be permitted to grow or remain upon any property.Section 6.14- No weeds, underbrush or other unsightly growth shall be permitted to grow or remain upon any property.The main point is that yards must be maintained. This refers to excessive growth. We aim to keep homes visually pleasing, while eliminating health hazards such as insects, rodents, and pollens that come from overgrowth.
Swimming PoolsSection 6.23- Above ground swimming pools are prohibited on the Property.Section 6.19- Above ground and in-ground swimming pools are prohibited on properties.Above ground pools are already prohibited. This clarifies that in-ground pools are as well, seeing that most properties could not easily support an in-ground pool. This does exclude small kiddie and doggie pools which are temporary and not large enough to need filtration. Small pools should not leave standing water, causing health hazards.