2021 HOA Dues Update


Automated emails were sent out 12/31/2020 from the Tempo (our Property Manager) billing system regarding 2021 dues. Although the amount for 2021 dues is correct, the due date listed of January 1st is NOT correct.

The annual mailing containing, among other thing, the 2021 dues invoice will be mailed to all homeowners in mid-late January. The due date for 2021 payments will be 60 days following the mailing date; therefore the correct due date will be mid-late March.

If you choose, you can certainly go ahead and pay 2021 dues electronically via the link in the email, but again, payment is not officially due yet. You will still receive your annual mailing as it contains other information also.

We apologize for any confusion, and please feel free to email contact@bloomingtonhighlands.com if you have further questions.

Thank you.

Please Note: We are also currently unsure if the amounts sent would include any arrears dues. So if you have not paid 2020 dues or have other previous past due amounts, please be aware those amounts are still owed even if not listed on the email. If you are unsure if your account is up to date, please contact Tempo Properties to inquire.